30 May 2022

Animal welfare : Caring for animals all along our value chain

At Lactalis, contributing to animal welfare is not only our responsibility, but also a cornerstone for the sustainability of the company’s activities.

As the world’s leading dairy group and the third largest global milk collector, we pay special attention to all the animals in our supply chain, in particular to the approximately 5 million dairy animals (cows, buffalos, sheep and goats). We fully recognise and respect them as sentient beings, capable of feeling emotions, that deserve both physical and mental health: contributing to their wellbeing is our responsibility.

Moreover, animal welfare is a cornerstone for the sustainability of our activities. Indeed, as all our partnering farms know, there is a close link between animal welfare and production. For example, a cow needs sufficient access to food and water, sufficient bedding space, good hygiene and much more in order to produce high quality milk. Therefore, ensuring animal welfare is already part of our daily work as well as our partnering farms.

In order to deliver on our ambitions, we have set ourselves some goals: ensuring animal welfare through continuous progress and elimination of most problematic practices. By 2023, 100% trained staff to advise our partnering farmers on best practices, and by 2025, 100% of direct collected milk volumes assessed on animal welfare.

Discover more about our vision, guiding principles, approach and ambitions in our Lactalis Group Animal Welfare Policy.

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