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Lactalis celebrates its 85th anniversary !

” Today, Lactalis is celebrating its 85th anniversary, an opportunity for me to thank the work of Women and Men who have built the Group as it is now, and each of you who is working on its development, faithfully to our historical values, Ambition, Engagement, with Simplicity.


On the 19th of October, 1933, my grand-father André Besnier founded the «André Besnier Fromagerie» and made in Laval his first Camembert.


In 85 years we have become a world leader whose mission is to offer the best of milk and dairy products to as many people as possible, respecting local dairy cultures and traditions, with the attention paid to «the pleasure of eating well» on a daily basis.


Milk is an extraordinary raw material, consumed all over the world. Our mission, since 1933, is to give life to milk, to reveal all its flavors, all its benefits and all its possibilities, to satisfy daily consumers around the world who like healthy, natural and gourmet products.


Lactalis is part of a French dairy tradition of excellence that combines industry, «craft» and agriculture. Thus, the Group has grown to become the world’s No. 1 on the dairymarket, while maintaining its position in the territories, being, for example, the leading producer of PDO cheeses.


Our pride today is to be the ambassador for the diversity of cultures and dairy know-how, to be the world’s leading producer of Camembert, as well as a manufacturer of mozzarella, paneer or labné.


Lactalis is a singular company, which has been able to remain entirely family-owned for 3 generations. We are rural and claims it, proud of it, and this, in each country where we are located.


It is strong of this history, of our commitment, and guided by passion, that we will be able together to continue to develop in France, in Europe and in the World.



I’m counting on you to continue this story.”


Emmanuel Besnier, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Lactalis Group


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