An adventure to live

A clear recruiting process

After a first selection based on your CV and cover letter, we invite you to take part to one to two interviews with your HR manager and managers in order to confirm your application. We are willing to understand your career aspirations, your interest for the Group, its professions and for the opportunities that are available. This is an exchange revolving around your motivation, skills and experience.

All of our candidates go through the same process regardless of their profile.


We are looking for applicants who share our values of Ambition and Engagement with Simplicity

An individual induction programme

Your first days in the company are essential this is why your manager and Human Resources manager will provide you with an individual induction programme. Our aim is to allow you to get to know your new environment by meeting key people and getting deepened information about the Group and your job area. Your induction takes place in two steps: a collective and/or an individual programme.


A two days’ induction program at the Head office in Laval allows you to get to know the company and its history through meetings and presentations of managers, a visit to the Cité du Lait®, the company’s museum about dairy industry, and a visit to a production site.


Your manager will also arrange an individual induction programme in order for you to meet with the members of your team as well as with the employees and departments you will be working with. We believe, that this is a key process in order for you to settle into your new job.


This period, which can last several weeks, is designed to support you in getting to know the company’s culture, its codes and how it operates. It is also an opportunity to better understand your role, assignments and responsibilities.



Internal promotion, a central role in our HR management

Based on internal promotion, our Group’s Human Resources management provides our employees with many opportunities, supporting them in their development.


The annual appraisal is key to managing talents. With the support of your manager, it allows you to express, sustain and build your career and individual development plan.


In-house promotion will allow you to plan your career to the medium and long term. In a constantly growing environment, the Group provides an answer to your professional aspirations.


Indeed, internal mobility satisfies the Group’s growth dynamics and our People development strategy. It is a great opportunity for our employees giving the best out of themselves.


Your success in your missions as well as your geographical mobility will be strong assets when you will fulfil your career plan in France or abroad.