30 May 2022

Packaging : Our way to a more circular economy

At Lactalis, the right packaging takes care of our dairy products, our consumers and the Environment.

For years, packaging has been used for its emblematic values and seen as a symbol of protection and convenience for our consumers. Today, they are a major source of waste. The ways we produce and dispose of packaging results in the overconsumption of our planet’s scarce natural resources, threatening the environment and biodiversity. Packaging is fundamental for preserving the best quality and food safety standards for our dairy products, which are fragile by nature. It enables us to bring all the nutritional benefits of Dairy to the greatest number of Humans, anytime & anywhere.

For these reasons, in all our geographies, we feel a special responsibility to share our Vision and engage dialogue with our stakeholders to raise awareness and foster innovative solutions to create a more circular economy of packaging.

In order to deliver on our ambitions, we have set ourselves some goals: all packaging will be eco-designed and we aim for 100% recyclability by design by 2025. Every packaging will guide consumers, bearing info on how to sort waste properly.

Discover more about our vision, guiding principles, approach and ambitions in our Lactalis Group Packaging Policy.

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